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Back To School: The Perfect Furniture For Outdoor Learning

The benefits of outdoor learning are now widely recognised by educators. The Institute for Outdoor Learning has compiled a long list of studies with evidence to indicate the vast benefits of outdoor learning for students, and schools around the country have started to embrace outdoor learning as a bigger part of school life.

The already growing popularity of outdoor learning coupled with the demands for social distancing brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic from spring 2020 onwards has led to a huge increase in demand for outdoor school furniture. From outdoor tables to picnic benches for schools, schools are anticipating the need for more versatile outdoor furniture for the 2021 autumn term and beginning to plan what they need to make outdoor learning comfortable and convenient for teachers and students.

Have you got everything you need to welcome your students back to the (outdoor) classroom?

If you’re looking at new outdoor school furniture for the autumn term this year, here are some great ideas and things to look out for:

Outdoor School Tables

School outdoor tables should be highly durable, light enough to manoeuvre when needed, and comfortable enough for students to use. Foldable tables are a great space-saving solution, especially if you’re using outdoor areas, such as playgrounds, that need to be used for many different things. This means you’ll be able to fold them up and store them neatly whenever they’re not in use. The best outdoor tables are made from high quality wood or metal, so you know they’ll stand up against the elements and be able to handle hundreds of busy students using them.

Outdoor School Chairs

If you’re looking for outdoor school chairs, stackable ones are a great choice. This means they’ll take up far less storage space when they’re not in use and they can be far more easily moved about whenever you need to use them. Solid waterproof materials like plastic and metal make great choices for school outdoor seating. Plastic is a particularly popular choice as it’s lighter than other options meaning students can easily and safely carry and place the chairs wherever they need to work with them.

Outdoor School Benches

A great school outdoor seating solution is table bench sets or picnic benches for schools, as they work as tables and chairs in one. These sets are perfect for when you want a long-term outdoor school furniture option that you know is going to stay in one place. Designed to stay strong against the elements, picnic benches are built for durability in the outdoors. Depending on your options, school picnic tables and benches like these can be a more cost-effective solution than buying tables and chairs separately. If you’re looking to use school benches outdoors, look for sturdy materials like wood and metal, much as you would for other outdoor tables.

Outdoor School Stools

Outdoor school stools are another great outdoor school seating solution. Much like other outdoor chairs, look for high quality metals and plastics as they’re durable and waterproof. Ensure that the stools you choose are sturdy and well balanced so students can safely enjoy them while they’re working. Stackable options are also available for outdoor school stools which, as previously mentioned, is a fantastic space-saving solution.

Where To Buy Outdoor School Furniture

At Seatable, we specialise in seating solutions for schools. Our versatile, multi-purpose outdoor school tables and chairs are suitable for learning and dining. We have an excellent range of space-conscious options, such as folding tables and stackable chairs – making them exceptionally useful in schools where space is often needed for a variety of purposes. All of our outdoor school furniture is suitable for indoor use, too.

Browse our excellent range of high-quality school furniture today. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, we’re more than happy to help.


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