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Back To School: Dining Furniture That Finishes Top Of The Class

Many schools are already thinking ahead to the Autumn term and starting to order new school dining furniture. When looking for the right furniture for your space, there’s a lot to consider.

School dining chairs and tables need to be easy to clean, safe and easy to use, convenient for your space and, above all, durable so they can survive many years of busy students using them on a daily basis.

There’s a wealth of options to choose from and striking the balance between convenience and comfort is important. Above all, you want something that will stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at some things you might like to think about…

Colourful options to bring some fun into the dining hall

Brightly coloured school dining furniture is a great way to add some life to the lunchroom. Consider your school colours or whatever you think would best complement your indoor spaces. If you’ve already got a colour scheme in the space your students dine in, you’ll be able to find something chic to match.

A pop of colour can keep the space lively and dynamic, be stimulating for the mind, and make your dining hall look fun and fresh. You could also opt for more muted colours, depending on the age of your students and what sort of aesthetic you wanted to go for. Choosing a classic colour palate is a great way to elevate your dining space and make it look more sophisticated.

Quality materials for durability and cleanliness

Quality wood and metal school dining tables that are built to last, safe and easy to use, and will save you money in the long term. No one wants to have to replace their school dining tables every year or two, and you need something that can take continual use from busy students eating their lunches every day.

You also want something that can be easily wiped down (which is especially important to help keep us all safe from germs). Plastic, metal, and wood school dining chairs with a smooth finish are also easily cleaned and, if made from high quality materials, should also last you a really long time, too.

Space-saving savvy solutions

Many schools and colleges have to be flexible with their spaces; areas used for dining might also be school halls or gymnasiums, so you’ve got to be space savvy. This means space-saving solutions are an absolute must-have when it comes to school dining furniture! From picnic tables and bench sets, to folding tables and stackable chairs – there’s a lot of space-saving options out there to consider. These will make moving furniture around a total breeze at lunchtimes, letting you get your space ready to use for something else in no time!

Outdoor solutions for social distancing pros

Outdoor eating is the new normal for many schools that want to take advantage of the social distancing benefits from eating outdoors. Studies have repeatedly shown that being outdoors is far safer than being indoors in terms of COVID transmission rate.

There are lots of outdoor school dining chairs and outdoor tables to choose from – from benches to folding tables. These will be able to give you all the durability and sturdiness of indoor furniture but made with materials designed to survive well outdoors throughout the notoriously rainy British school year.

Think about noise reduction

When it comes to indoor school dining furniture, bench sets can be a lot more effective if you’re trying to reduce noise. Lots of busy students sat (not very still) on individual chairs in a dining hall can be very loud indeed! A room of 250 school children sat on individual chairs would mean 1000 chair legs on the ground and if they have to compete with the sound of that many chairs on the floor, they’re no doubt going to raise their voices to be heard.

Bench units can sit 8-12 students, so the same 250 students can be sat on 30 benches or less – that’s only 240 chair legs. By opting for smart dining you could, in this scenario, cut the number of chair legs on the floor by 75% and reduce your noise level dramatically.

Where to find amazing school dining furniture

Kicking off the Autumn term with a fresh set of school or college dining furniture is a great way to start the year. At Seatable, we specialise in school dining furniture and are one of the UK’s leading school furniture providers. We’ve been delivering the highest quality furniture to the education sector for over 15 years.

So, have a browse through our brilliant range of high-quality school dining furniture and don’t forget to get in contact with us if there’s anything we can help you with.


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